Export Market Development Grants

EMDG is a key Australian Government export financial assistance program helping Australian businesses grow their exports in overseas markets.

Changes to EMDG

- EMDG has moved from the reimbursement Scheme to the eligibility-based grants application program for the SMEs with an annual turnover less than $20 million.

- Eligible applicants, promoting eligible products in the overseas markets, will be offered grant agreements with the Austrade, aimed to provide the greater funding certainty with agreements stipulating the grant amount to be funded over 2 or 3 years period.

- New Scheme’s maximum grant amount over 8 financial years, not needed to be consecutive, is $770,000.

- Grantees are required to spend at least an equal amount of their own money on eligible expenses.

- Grants are paid in accordance with a grant agreement between Austrade and a grantee.

Who is eligible?

– Eligible applicants must “be a representative body or an Australian person, with ‘person’ meaning an individual, a company, a trust, or a partnership, within the definitions of the EMDG Act”.

– Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) at the time of applying to the grant and at all times while a grantee.

– Have no outstanding disqualifying convictions or being under insolvency administration at the time of signing the grant agreement and at all times while a grantee.

– Have a turnover of less than $20 million for financial year 2021–22.



Application window for the new Scheme relating to the FY2023 applications and onwards is from
6 July – 17 August 2022 (with Austrade highlighting that late applications will not be accepted).

What's The New EMDG Programme going to look like?

Eligible Products

As per the new Rules, EMDG grant funds must be used for promotional activities in marketing eligible products in foreign countries (New Zealand excluded), or for export training activities to develop skills in such marketing.

Eligible products – must be of substantially Australian origin and be:

– Goods

– Services

– Events

– IP or Know-How

– Software

You must have a designated connection to the eligible product. In general and for most of the applicants, the designated connection will be that you own the product or its IP.

Applications open each year on 1st July and close on 30th November.

Eligible Expenditure

10 categories of activities can be claimed in the EMDG Application:
  • Maintaining a representative in a foreign country 
  • Consultant to undertake research or promotional activities
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Short trips to a foreign country
  • Soliciting for business in a foreign country
  • Short trips within Australia
  • Producing and providing promotional and advertising material
  • Providing free samples
  • Obtaining export readiness training for Tier 1 applicant
  • Foreign buyer visits

Types of Grants

New grants program, for the eligible SMEs, will be provided through 3 tiers, depending on where the applicants are with their export activities.

Tier 1 : Applicants need to be ‘ready for export’ – grants up to $15,000 per financial year for 2 years.

Tier 2 : Applicants will have already exported and planning to expand exporting activities – grants up to $24,600 per financial year for 3 years.

Tier 3 : Applicants will have already exported and planning to make a ‘strategic shift’ in their exporting activities – grants up to $36,600 per financial year for 3 years.



New EMDG Scheme Application Process

  • Applicants apply for a grant before money is spend on promotional activities.
  • Once Austrade assess all applications, grant agreements will be offered to eligible applicants.
  • Applicants enter into a grant agreement with Austrade and then undertake their promotional activities as agreed in the grant agreement.
  • Applicants request milestone payments in accordance with their grant agreement.
  • Applicants’ grant agreement will set out when their milestone payments should be made and what it would need to be done for these payments to be received.


Checklist for Applying to New EMDG Scheme

Applicants will need to provide:

  • Evidence to show eligibility for an EMDG grant and being Australian (must have an ABN).
  • Evidence to show product eligibility, including that it is of substantially Australian origin.
  • Plan to market. Plan to market could be:
    A one-page statement
    A strategic roadmap for marketing
    Any other internal planning document
  • 2021–22 Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement to prove that turnover is less than $20 million.


We are the Austrade contact, helping to advise and consult with the aim of maximising the applicant’s EMDG claim.

We review the overall eligibility and facilitate the preparation of the relevant checklist documents e.g. plan to market, etc.

We also provide the relevant training for the new to export applicants regarding the ‘ready for export’ requirement.

We prepare and lodge the Application, facilitate the milestones’ reporting, audit and all related matters.

BSI specialises in providing the grants assistance with its broad range of services aimed at helping your business grow.

*Please fill in the form below and a detailed PowerPoint presentation will be sent to you to guide you on our way.

The BSI Difference

The EMDG team at BSI is one of the industry leaders and have been helping companies maximise their Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) for 25 years, Our EMDG consultants will manage the entire EMDG claim process, allowing you to focus on the day-to-day operation of your business.

  Our consultancy solution offers you:

√ A detailed and viable assessment of your eligible expenses.

√ Advise on maximizing your EMDG entitlement.

√ Streamlined step-by-step application.

√ Pro-active advice and respond to all export queries raised by you and Assist you in export planning.

√ Assistance in export planning and support for future grant applications.

Our Team

Peter Damnjanovic

Peter has been helping companies grow by developing their export strategies and maximising the Export Market Development Grants for the last 9 years.

With a background in diverse industries such as banking and publishing, both overseas and in Australia, Peter studied and gained his post graduate degree in Applied Finance in Australia.


Ivan Kaye

Ivan’s passion is innovation and helping people succeed. Having Co-founded BSI and BBG (Business Builders Group), he has been able to help entrepreneurs grow and create their generational legacies.

His focus is on leadership, business development, commercialisation and connecting like-minded professionals.

Harvey Gartrell

Harvey gained his commercial training in audit, accounting and taxation with KPMG, Sydney where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Harvey has been advising clients in export grants and related services for the last 20 years, and is an expert in assisting his clients maximise their Export Market Development Grants (EMDG).


Linh La

Linh is the glue that holds the team together!!

She is our  office administrator providing invaluable support to the team.

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